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There are few things more fun than riding around on a Jet Ski or water scooter. With that fun, however, comes certain dangers. Purchasing personal watercraft (PWC) insurance can help protect you from the financial risks involved with these activities.

Unlike car insurance, which is required in almost all states, PWC insurance is optional. However, riding a PWC is inherently risky and purchasing it can save your finances in the event of an accident.

Personal watercraft insurance providers offer several types of coverage for your personal watercraft. Having several options makes it easy for you to customize your PWC insurance policy to fill your needs.

Typical PWC insurance coverages include:

Liability – This will help you with costs you are responsible for in case someone is hurt or their property is damaged due to an accident you caused.
Collision – If your PWC is damaged due to a collision, this coverage will help pay for repairs or replacement.
Comprehensive – This coverage will help with repairs or replacement if your personal watercraft if damaged due to most incidents not involving a collision, such as vandalism.
Total loss replacement purchase price – Some companies offer this coverage to replace your PWC up to the price you originally paid for it if it is damaged beyond reasonable repair.
On-water towing and labor – If your personal watercraft breaks down on the water, this coverage will help pay for costs to tow it out of the water or get it to running condition on the water.
Medical payments – If you are hurt in an accident, this coverage can help with medical costs related to your injuries.

For more information on how Bruett Insurance can help you to pick out the right coverage for your jet ski (PWC) needs, please contact us or complete our online request form for a quote.

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